• El Colombre Palenque

    Palenque. Incredible flora and fauna.

  • El Colombre Palenque

                                Mayan Temples, magic place.

  • El Colombre Palenque

                           Welib-Ha waterfalls, 30 min away

  • El Colombre Palenque

                                               Aluxes. Animal reserve

  • El Colombre Palenque

                                                    Chiapa de Corzo. Nearest town

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Chiapas is one of the 31 states which belongs to the 32 federal units in Mexico. Being located in the south-east of the country, it was the nineteenth state after a popular referendum on September 14th, 1824. During the colonial period, it joined Guatelama.

There are many touristic places, such as the Palenque archeological area, San Cristobal de Las Casas and the waterfalls of Agua Azul. There are officially 122 towns and cities.

There are two different climatic climates: wet hot weather in the lower areas, valleys and lower plateaux; and a wet weather in the higher forests and mountains, especially in the Sierra Madre and the Los Altos mountains.

There are two seasons : the rains season (from Mai to October) and the dry season (from November to April). There are from 75 to 700 millimeters of water during the dry season and from 700 millimeters to 3000 during the rains season.

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