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Art and Handcraft in Palenque

Chiapas handcrafts and folk art is most represented with the making of potery, amber or textile products, though other crafts such as those working with wood, leather and stone are also important. The state is one of Mexico’s main handcraft producers, with most artisans being indigenous women, who dominate the production of pottery and textiles. The making of handcrafts has become economically and socially important in the state, especially since the 1980s, with the rise of the tourist market and artisans’ cooperatives and other organizations. These items generally cannot compete with commercially made goods, but rather are sold for their cultural value.

Textile designs in Chiapas are very similar to those of Guatemala, as they come from the same origin. Most of the designs are in strong colors such as red, yellow, turquoise blue, white, purple, pink and deep green but some pastels are also combined with these. Motifs include flowers, butterflies and rainforest birds. The growth of handcraft production has meant diversification in designs and products, especially in textiles, both in weaving and embroidery. Synthetic fibers are making their way into pieces, either used to make the cloth or added as embroidery. Embroidery designs can come from more common inspiration.

ADDRESS: Carretera Palenque-Ruinas, k.m. 0.5. Frente al Monumento de La Madre Chol.

HOURS: Mondays-Sundays 10:00am  to 8:00 pm.

TELEPHONE: +52 1 916-3454761